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Aaron Davis

Biz Development Manager & Auctioneer

Aaron combines his real estate experience, wealth of negotiation skills and award-winning charm to get your property sold. As a licensed auctioneer and experienced real estate professional Aaron works closely with real estate agents, vendors and potential buyers ensuring everyone is well prepared on auction day.

His clients rave about his quick wit and fresh, easy going attitude, which creates a relaxed auction environment, while his well-polished script and ability to read people makes for compelling bidding and first rate results. Whether you' ve got a unique property, a looming deadline or want the best price for your house, Aaron is the best auctioneer for the job .

In 2006, Aaron bought into the family real estate business in Marlborough.  With a proven track record as a sales consultant, owner and auctioneer, Aaron was a pioneer in his market for embracing being No.1 online and initiatives like the 'Dress for Success' campaigns which would often see him swapping his suit for overalls to help get properties 'market ready'.  Family and friends of vendors would often refuse to believe that the larger-than-life guy toiling away at the working bee was the real estate agent.

Aaron moved to Auckland, where the busier auction market allows him to follow his dream of being Australasia's best Auctioneer.  His successes on a local and national level bode well for him achieving his goal of being the best of the best.

Aaron Davis

027 2756165

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