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Eileen Xie

Team Operation & Marketing Manager

Thoughtful, friendly, and bright. Eileen started working with Tina right after completing her studies in the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Relations and Japanese. She began off in the industry as Tina's personal assistant, with being in the position for nearly two year, Eileen has a great understanding of the sales process and logistic side jobs from beginning to the end. The experiences as personals assistant helped Eileen in gaining strong knowledge Real Estates and developing the ability to build the bridge with individuals.


It may seem uncommon for a politic graduate to be in the Real Estate industry, coming from a family with architectural and Real Estate development background will provide Eileen with better knowledge and skills. Eileen is fluent in Mandarin and English; you should feel no pressure when talking with her.


Eileen is well organised, efficient and looks forward to learning something new every day. At the same time, she enjoys working in a team full of professionals and happiness.

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