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Wayne Song

Sales Consultant

Wayne brings a variety of high-level skills to his role enabling him to deliver exceptional results to his clients. He is passionate about helping people to sell their property so they can move on to the next exciting chapter of their lives.

Wayne offers a personal approach to real estate, getting alongside his customers and delivering to their expectations every time. He knows how to identify the unique aspects of each property, then suggests the right marketing plan so the property realises its full value. Speaking English and Mandarin Wayne can offer a wide market reach.

In his spare time, Wayne enjoys playing soccer and golf and is involved with Ulife, a group of network marketing professionals in Auckland, which he and his wife Claire founded.

Now, after ten years as a property manager, there is not much Wayne does not know when it comes to residential homes. Boasting a proven record in sales, marketing, customer service, communication and problem-solving, his skills have further been honed by his involvement in his own network marketing business.

Wayne is also passionate about giving back to his community and likes to fundraise for charities such as Starship and KidsCan.

With a personal philosophy of always delivering his best and going the extra mile, Wayne is proud to work collaboratively with Team Tina, a group of elite salespeople with a proven track record of achieving better-than-expected results. Living in Half Moon Bay Wayne specialises in Eastern Auckland, where he can offer valuable on-the-ground market knowledge to his clients.

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